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Swisscontact celebrates 60 years with a video

Emotions, facts, and figures about the history of Swisscontact – all in one video

Swisscontact celebrated its 60th birthday – this should be celebrated duly. And what’s the best way to do that? With many, many emotions. And that resulted in a very special video for us.

The aim was to show where Swisscontact comes from and what they have done since they were founded. Swisscontact’s work is marked by countless important milestones and has brought about important changes.

Historically significant moments should be presented and explained in a sympathetic and captivating way. The aim was to create a retrospective that lives from facts and figures as well as emotions.

"We appreciate the consistent and creative implementation competence, target-oriented and focused on the essentials. Cleverclip's flexible way of thinking enables us to present our highly complex content in a simple and understandable way."

Francine Thurnher Head of Communication at Swisscontact


Swisscontact – who exactly is that? 

Swisscontact is the business-oriented, independent foundation for international development cooperation. Represented in 36 countries with over 1100 employees, Swisscontact has been promoting economic, social and ecological development since 1959.

Since its inception, Swisscontact has stood for help for self-help. They have built up a global network in countless projects and continue to be committed to education and greater economic independence worldwide.


Swisscontact has given us a comprehensive overview of all the important events and given us a deep insight into their work. More than one could explain in a few minutes, of course.

Then it was time to prioritise and shorten and visually supplement so that, despite everything, as much content as possible could still be transported. Through a very close cooperation, both internally and with the external participants, we came step by step closer to our goal.

Several rounds of feedback brought us closer to the most important milestones to be explained and finally led to the right result.

Throughout the process it was always a question of giving the video emotions. Swisscom’s actual story is already very emotional, but to underline the whole thing, we put it in the context of the respective events in the story.

Thus, for example, we showed what Swisscontact was working for when mankind was occupied with the Berlin Wall and the Beatles. In addition, the different epochs were underlined with appropriate music for the respective time.

The Solution

60 years of Swisscontact – told chronologically and in historical context

The resulting video follows the most important milestones of Swisscontact over a timeline and proceeds chronologically in terms of content.

In the style of a documentary, historical images are skilfully interwoven with animations to set the right focus. The content places the moments in a historical context: Hippie time or the fall of the Berlin Wall, but also platform shoes and CDs provide a framework for Swisscontact’s moments throughout the video.

And as a cherry on the cake, the respective epoch is underscored with music that was contemporary at the time. The result is a video that duly celebrates the 60 years of Swisscontact.


Positive reactions throughout the anniversary event

We have worked with Swisscontact on previous projects and have produced Scribble videos for some of their services. In the case of the 60th anniversary, however, a different style, a different possibility, a different form had to be sought – and this was also found.

The video was very well received at the actual anniversary event. All those present were very enthusiastic and Swisscontact received positive feedback throughout. The video is now also shown on the website specially created for the 60th anniversary.

"A project full of challenges and great surprises: exciting insights with original Swisscontact footage, an extremely creative concept phase and finally animations and a sound design for the perfect finishing touches. An absolute highlight project for me".

Rahel Heer Consultant

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