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Swiss Textile – A an explainer video for a strategy presentation

Swiss Textile aims to position Switzerland as the world’s leading competence centre for textile solutions – with the “Strategy 2025”. An explainer video should communicate this five-year strategy to the customers – and we had the opportunity to support Swiss Textile.

About Swiss Textile

Swiss Textiles is a non-profit organization based in Zurich, Switzerland, representing the interests of 200 member states from the Swiss textile and clothing industry. The aim of the association is to build bridges, eliminate barriers and give new impulses so that this industry is also internationally competitive.

The challenge

The customer was well aware of how the final product should look like. As a result, the project required little input from our side, and user testing was also not necessary. On the other hand, this did not leave us much creative freedom and faced us with the big challenge of understanding the customer’s needs in detail and finding an effective communication flow. Only then we are able to implement the customer’s wishes in the best possible way. With a detailed workshop and intensive teamwork we have gradually come closer to our goal…

The solution

The result is a video based on a metaphor that we can all identify with: The Perfect Dinner. And just as a perfect dinner requires all the ingredients to be coordinated, the implementation of the strategy should be based on the interplay of all relevant aspects – namely economic policy, sustainability, skilled workers, technology and design, to ensure that Swiss Textile achieves its goal. The viewer is guided through the core areas of the 5-year strategy with flowing transitions as well as colours and design entirely in keeping with Swiss Textile’s corporate image.

In this project, we have again learned a great deal as a team. The focus was on flexible rethinking, always taking customer wishes into account and also being honest about our own abilities. For example, we initially had an idea that turned out not to be realizable as desired. But especially these situations teach us for future projects and also prove that as a team we can change our approach even at short notice. In the end, we were happy to receive thoroughly positive feedback. We appreciate the cooperation and are looking forward to future projects.

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