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Sustainability brought to life- with TPL

Pack 2019 focuses on sustainable packaging solutions

“Sustainability brought to life” was the motto for our cooperation with TPL this time. At Fach Pack 2019 in Nuremberg, TPL presented sustainable PET films as an innovative solution for the future. Our task was not only to summarize TPL’s chemical recycling processes in an explanatory video, but above all to create an impressive experience for all visitors and put TPL in the limelight.


TPL- Ever heard of it? 

TPL (abbreviation for Transparent Paper Ltd) has been one of the leading suppliers of a variety of packaging solutions such as polyester (PET), nylon (OPA) and aluminium foils for around 60 years. The company focuses above all on sustainable products of the future. At Fach Pack 2019, together with their partner Polyplex, they will be presenting innovative films made from renewable raw materials that also demonstrate an important step towards sustainability. 

Our cooperation 

We faced many challenges. Because in addition to a classic explanatory video, it was also our task to develop the design for the exhibition stand. The explanation video should be in line with the elegant concept of the booth, emphasize the main focus “sustainability” and explain the chemical recycling process. So far so good, but how exactly do we explain such complex chemical processes in a way that everyone can understand? How do we make the stand as inviting as possible? How do we focus on “eco-friendly packaging” so that TPL can stand out from the crowd?

 Questions over questions and a lot of time was not left. We had to bring all our creative minds together and come up with an innovative and tasteful solution quickly. And we succeeded in doing that… 

The solution: Sustainability visually illustrated 

We did our best to present the topic of sustainability perfectly and to create an inviting and dynamic stand for TPL. A modern lounge, elaborate wall graphics and PET bottles that interactively illustrate the recycling process. Additional footprints at the fair should even lead the visitors to the TPL booth and thus also point the way into the sustainable future.

The accompanying explanatory video begins with a detailed description of the recycling process. A pleasant explanatory voice guides us through the entire process, making it easy for everyone to understand. Sympathetic characters lend this complex theme the necessary lightness. Finally, the video emphasizes the sustainable focus of the company and introduces it briefly. 

All in all, an impressive explanatory video and a breathtaking exhibition stand, which not only presents the TPL recycling process in an exciting way with infographics, but also makes sustainability within reach of all visitors thanks to its elegant and creative concept.

Yes to recycling-Yes to the future 

The introduction of the new polyester films was well received by the visitors. An important step towards sustainable packaging was thus taken. For us as a team, it was also an exciting task in which we learned a lot and which in turn proved that we can do everything together – explanatory video, infographics and finally a trade fair appearance – Team work makes the dream work! We would like to thank you for this exciting and great cooperation and look forward to further exciting projects with TPL in the future. 

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