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Stop Motion Video – self-marketing with Xing

Stop Motion Video for Xing Services

Xing should be introduced to potential new members, the image positively charged and their market entry in Switzerland accompanied.

We made it our business to increase the awareness of Xing in Switzerland and to present it as an easy-to-use tool. The result is a stop motion video that captivates with its extraordinary design.


Xing – Ever heard of it?

Xing is a German social network for the management of professional contacts, a career network. Xing makes it possible to connect with existing contacts and make new business contacts.

In Germany, it is widespread and very popular – in Switzerland, on the other hand, not so much. Here the competitor Linkedin is much stronger and more popular. To change that is a wonderful challenge for us.

The Task

Xing – Cleverclip: from concept development to the finished storyboard.

Before we as producers could start with the stop motion video, we had to solve two important challenges. First of all, the target group is very broad, after all, pretty much everyone wants a good job.

At the same time, the subject is very complex. So before we could get down to producing, we had to get down to the smallest detail with the target group – and we developed our persona.

The result of this process was that we wanted to target people who are firmly involved in their job and at the same time live their lives, probably have children and therefore have little time to write many applications.

Our target group is deeply involved in their current job – although not 100% satisfied. With this persona in mind, we created a storyboard. This, in turn, served as a template for the actual stop motion video.

The Solution

Achieving your goal with stylistic inconsistency

Exactly from this early today approach, the idea arose. Namely a stop motion video that juxtaposes the old, time-consuming way of advertising with the new, simple way.

The old type of application is illustrated by writing on a typewriter and the new type by using a PC.

The production itself was carried out in close cooperation with Xing – even the hands in the video that can be seen are those of a Xing employee.

The Stop Motion Video is also a change from the usual explanatory video styles, so it is particularly suitable for the market entry. The music adds the finishing touches to the whole thing, which, of course, is also essential for the job.

The Results

Get to your new job quickly – without wasting a lot of time.

Thanks to an amusing stop motion video, we have succeeded in presenting Xing as an easy-to-use tool, which the user can use through the one-time registration and reach potential employers easily – without spending a lot of time.

So the target group doesn’t lose any more time writing a lot of applications.

Well then, good luck with your new job. And for us, this video is called hopefully also soon “new job”.

“This project took us out of our comfort zone in a good way. It was great to step away from the computer and work by hand for a change. Stop Motion, even the most simple animation is extremely time intensive but the end result was worth every second of it”

Carlos Visual Artist

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