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Spot – The Next Level of Cloud Computing and Cloud Hero

Having cloud computing simplifies a lot of things. But what exactly do you need? And how do you manage it all? With Spot from NetApp, we were able to answer these questions for BNC on an interactive infographic.

Services: Web design, illustration, prototyping

The Challenge

We had the pleasure of bringing NetApp’s Cloud Hero to life in a previous collaboration. He transformed into a superhero in the course of the infographic to protect the world with cloud computing. For this project, we used him again as a trademark protagonist. But here came the first sticking point: Cloud Hero was already a superhero, and if he were to become even more super-er now, he wouldn’t have been so super before.

As with Cloud Hero’s first appearance, we had to make sure that the texts could convince experts. Otherwise, if the texts were weak, the superhero concept would lose respectability.

Since this project was an interactive infographic, we had to adapt the web design to desktop but also mobile devices. So either we had to come up with a flexible design or we had to resign ourselves to doing double work.

The Solution

How do you make someone super-er without making them super-er? With gadgets, of course. We know them from Batman and Ironman, and we remember the clear announcement, “If you’re nothing without the suit, you don’t deserve it.” So we were able to simplify Cloud Hero’s life with the gadgets, target Spot’s areas of application, and preserve Cloud Hero’s superhero level before the gadgets.

For copywriting, communication with the client is essential in projects like this. So we put all of NetApp’s expertise into the copy to show readers from the first sentence that we’re talking to them on a technical level.

Flexible designs sometimes seem to be neither fish nor fowl, so we went the extra mile and took the infographic apart for mobile devices to address all users as equally as possible.

About BNC

BNC is a major Swiss IT infrastructure service provider with over 100 employees. BNC designs, implements and manages individual solutions and services in the areas of networks, security and cloud & data center. The target group includes medium-sized and larger companies as well as IT service providers.

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