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Simplifying the world with the Adfinis wizard

The world of cloud development is complex and fraught with many challenges. However, the “Adfinis Wizard” provides some help with his magical powers. How to imagine this? That’s exactly where we came into play with an explainer video.

Who or what is Adfinis?

At its locations in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Australia, Adfinis today employs a team of nearly 80 employees, who are distinguished by many years of experience and expertise. Adfinis supports its customers in the areas of Cloud Native, Classic IT, and Development. From planning to implementation and operation.

Adfinis’ mission is to promote open source technologies, deliver high-quality work, and run mission-critical systems 24/7 so their customers can focus on their core business. By working with Adfinis, their customers are freed from vendor lock-in and stay one step ahead of their competition.

Adfinis enables a worry-free cloud journey for your customers through its expertise and collaboration with Rancher, HashiCorp, and Microsoft.

The challenge

DevOps pipelines, cloud development, and open source are not terms that everyone on our team deals with on a daily basis. The subject matter falls into a very specialized industry that is difficult for a layperson to access. And that’s exactly how we felt at the beginning. The idea Adfinis came to us with was a complex one and not immediately understandable. At the same time, of course, we wanted our video to appeal to IT experts, a target group that definitely has more basic knowledge in this area than we do.

We dove into the subject matter very intensively right from the start, perhaps a little too intensively. Our goal was to be able to understand every IT step in detail. However, we quickly realized that we weren’t getting anywhere that way. So we took a step back and tried to look at the problem from a distance. With a lot of teamwork, excellent communication with the customer and our creative design team, we finally managed to come up with a solution.

The solution

As the saying goes, “every beginning is difficult”. That’s how it was here, too. But once the first draft was in place, everything went smoothly. Since the client offers IT solutions, we wanted to focus on an old-school computer game in terms of design. You know, like the good old Gameboy of the 90s. The plot is divided into two worlds: The underground world embodies all the hurdles of a software development process. Here we’ve added various pop-up windows and monsters that the main character has to make his way through. In the process, he is accompanied by the Adfinis wizard, who brings him to the otherworldly, functional world through his magical powers. So the whole style is in line with the product solution. And the technical theme illustrated as an exciting story.

In the end, everything went much easier than we thought at the beginning. The customer was very pleased with the end result and we also stayed true to our motto: Breaking down and explaining a complex topic in a way that everyone can understand. We would like to thank them for the exciting collaboration and look forward to further projects in the future.

A final product exactly as we imagined it. Cleverclip succeeded in breaking down our complex topic and implementing it in a clear and understandable way.

Jannis Valaulta Senior Marketing and Communications Manager Adfinis AG

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