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The services of Fabrikado explained

A tutorial for Fabrikado’s services. The startup Fabrikado, in Tübingen, Germany, had an idea: a cloud-based system for ordering materials, to take advantage of production fluctuations in manufacturing companies which then offer their goods for lower prices. Fabrikado acts as a broker between the parties and ensures a win-win situation for both manufacturer and customer. They had one special request: Cleverclip, please make it easy to understand.

The Task

How does the Fabrikado system work? How do customers profit from it? And what’s in it for the manufacturers? These were the questions that needed to be answered in our tutorial.

The Solution

Fabrikado’s idea was a good one, but it led to a few questions. A typical application area for a tutorial, then. Making a complex product easy to understand – that’s what we do. Break down the process and then approach the target group on its level. The challenge: The target group is quite diverse, including both buyers and private individuals who want something produced – but also designers or anyone who simply owns a special machine. It seems that we mastered the challenge quite well, however, because after the video was released we got several follow-up orders.

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