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The SBB mobility concept as an infographic

We explain the SBB mobility concept visually – without text. SBB has a new vision for the future of local passenger transport in Switzerland. What would be more appropriate than to illustrate this concept in a visually appealing infographic? We could think of nothing better, and so we did just that.

The Task

The infographic was to convey the idea that SBB is not only responsible for transportation to work, but can also organise the entire journey from beginning to end. An additional challenge was that the infographic had to be without text.

The Solution

No text meant that we had to be two to three times more convincing on a visual level. The graphical representation and the development of the icons cost us a lot of time and energy – how could we explain everything without any textual help? We tried out, discarded, changed, started all over again, and worked the thing to the point where we had a result that met our quality standards. The special feature of this infographic is that it already has a basic message at first glance. Namely, that SBB offers several services to organise the door-to-door journey. The second and third glance reveal the many small details and show in more detail what the SBB offers.

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