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Save time and money – an explainer video for BLKB

No more paperwork – that’s the motto for the new selfadmin of the BLKB. With this product, every company can now handle all administrative tasks quickly and easily online. We had the opportunity to demonstrate how this works exactly in an explainer video.

BLKB - "Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank"

BLKB is the largest bank in the Basel area and one of the leading banks in north-western Switzerland. It currently employs more than 750 people, 40 of whom are in apprenticeships or internships. BLKB is the point of contact for private clients, companies, municipalities and the canton. In addition to the 20 branches in Basel-Land Canton, BLKB is also present in Breitenbach SO and in Basel. BLKB’s selfadmin helps companies to manage their banking accounts better, faster and without paperwork. 

The challenge

As always, this project started with a lot of brainstorming, together with the customer. The selfadmin should accelerate the administrative process in the company. In the beginning, we wanted to illustrate this with the help of an exciting storyline and compare the before/after processes on video. As so often in life, however, the implementation proved to be more difficult than expected. We started with the storyboard and suddenly realized that the target group might not fully understand some steps. So we had to rethink quickly and convince with a new approach.

The solution

This video was a typical example of how powerful a voiceover can be. Instead of explaining the product’s advantages only visually, we decided to underline the 2D animation with a powerful speaker. He guides us through the whole video and explains the many advantages of the selfadmin.

Of course, the storytelling portion was still vital: The main protagonist Anna is the boss of “Muster AG” and has been a successful entrepreneur for many years. Thanks to BLKB, a great deal of administrative work can be done quickly and reliably online. The viewer can thus understand the product easily and in an entertaining way. The music and colors give the entire video a pleasant character – just as the work will be: Pleasant and without paperwork. 

The customer was satisfied and appreciated especially the fast and open communication. All in all a very exciting collaboration with a successful outcome!

The Cleverclip team has provided valuable approaches to achieve a successful result. The prototype video helped a lot to get a better idea of the final video. The collaboration was generally very fast and pleasant.

Lukas Reinmann BLKB

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