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Realtime film and animation around the subject of lean management

Lean management explained for Swisscom. Swisscom is one of the largest companies in Switzerland. To change something here is a big task that does not just require a simple change process. With the videos produced around the subject of lean management, we have helped the Improve Department to establish new internal management structures.

The Task

The goal of the video we would create was basically very clear: to help Swisscom become even better, over the long term and in small but continuous steps. We at Cleverclip were to help with this task, and of course we were willing to do so. Because the video would be used within the company, almost as a training video, we asked ourselves the question of what such a video should look like. Swisscom is a classic hierarchically structured company. How do you approach all employees across Switzerland, so that everyone feels addressed, from CEO to apprentice?

The Solution

A simple presentation was out of the question. And not an explanatory video, whether scribble or digital, either. Serious, clear and appealing should be the result.

We finally decided to combine a real movie with animation. In real film, we needed someone who looks authentic, but from outside the company, so that the matter can be well communicated. This person should look like a neighbour who is still a bit cool, not an easy task. But after a bit of searching, we found the perfect actor for this role and prepared for the production. After we had prepared the topics, we were able to skilfully stage and present them. For example, the Coaching Kata was used to explain how a boss can encourage employees to improve – but this was only a small part of the video, and the project was designed with its many topics over a very long term.

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