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Ready to unfold? Interactive web design for our event

A trip into space? Probably hardly feasible for most of us. However, we wanted to make this happen for the viewer, at least on a visual level – with an interactive website. The motto: Unfold. The earth unfolds its layers. However, this was not supposed to be a geography lesson, but an event organized by Cleverclip.

What is Cleverclip Unfold?

We have something big planned for Cleverclip. Because after a year of “stay at homes” and lockdowns, we hope to have joint events again.

With Cleverclip Unfold we want to organize a business event of the extra class.
The idea: we clarify topics that need explanation and make the world of explanation accessible to everyone. When?: September 30. 2021. We expect high-level speakers, videos, interactive content, exciting networking, and a lot of fun. Of course, all of this should be communicated to the public accordingly. And that’s exactly why we created this interactive webpage.

The challenge

How can we visually implement the motto “Unfold”? To what extent can we offer an exciting user experience and clearly communicate all event details? What story do we want to tell? These were just some of the questions we asked ourselves at the beginning.

Our goal was to create a visual experience and prove ourselves, especially design-wise. In our joint meeting, we quickly agreed on a concept in the direction of the universe. However, this only settled one issue.

We had to think carefully about how we could push the interactivity of this project with new ideas. But the site should also not appear too cluttered and all information should be conveyed clearly.
In the end, the visual design was a bit more complex. Animated characters in particular can quickly appear too cute. Our goal, however, was to give the entire webpage a more mysterious fantasy character. So we had to make adjustments here, away from the childish more towards a breathtaking space experience.

The technical side also presented some hurdles. For example, synchronizing the moving elements with the sound design proved to be not so easy.
Also, a lot of media and effects can negatively impact usage and increase load times, for example. So we had to make sure that the performance of the page would not be affected.

The solution

We designed the whole site as a kind of journey into the universe, as we had originally planned. For an impressive and real effect, we kept everything in 2.5D style.
With the help of a scroll effect, the individual layers of the earth open up – the earth “unfolds”. By the way, in the meantime, there is a small integrated geology lesson.

Afterward, the user can learn more about the event, buy tickets directly, or just click through the different planets in the menu bar. The information on the page is published bit by bit – so the excitement is kept up and the webpage visitors can always look forward to something new.
So, effective communication, regular meetings, and a fully motivated team pay off – we think. What do you think of our webpage? We are looking forward to your feedback.

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