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Protect the environment and save the earth – an interactive Cleverclip project

This time, the focus was not on the customer, but on ourselves. With an interactive project, our goal was to take the viewer on a visual journey. However, we wanted to create something that would not only look chic in our portfolio but above all address a topic that is relevant to everyone out there.

The global pollution

The world we live in is polluted: Millions of marine life die every year due to plastic pollution. There are more microplastics in the ocean than stars in the galaxy. And the flowing waters offer hardly any habitat for animals and plants.
The human footprint on our natural environment cannot be overlooked. That’s why it’s especially important to raise our society’s awareness on this issue, to inform about the existing problems, and to offer solutions. With our project, we wanted to make a statement and appeal to the urgent need for action in our environment. Click here to visit the final result.

The challenge

Although the subject matter was the main focus of this project, the creative Cleverclip touch was of course not to be missed. It should be something easy to follow, but still interactive and entertaining. Since there are already dozens of explainer videos on this topic, we had to come up with a new idea. And so we decided to go the extra mile – with an exciting interactive project where the viewer becomes part of the experience themselves. Our two principles: Simplicity and good design.

The solution

We started the project with a simple sketch of the globe, on which only numbers were visible at first.
Our idea was to show the different facets of earth pollution: the existing burden and the alternative solution. For this, we went into different areas: From plastic islands in the ocean, melting polar ice caps, and acid rain to a cleaner and healthier environment.

For this, the user moves over the different elements. In a pop-up window, we convey more information on each topic. The animation makes the whole design look appealing and inviting. In the end, we not only stayed true to our motto, which is to illustrate a complex topic interactively and accessible to everyone but were also able to raise society’s awareness of an important issue. Give it a try.

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