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Smartspeech - presentations that last

An image video about professional presentations 

What is a smart presentation? In an image video, we take you on a time travel into the early years of Cleverclip and get to the root of this question.


Good old times

The first few years are known to be the wildest – and this is especially true for a start-up like we are. Highs and lows alternate in a rush – and sometimes it’s exactly this time when the best things happen. Back then, you could count the number of our employees on the fingers of one hand. And even the company’s name was different with Glowpear. Still, we do not want to keep a very special piece of gold from this time from you. And that is our Smartspeech Video … 

The task

Who doesn’t know it: Too complex information, boring slides and on top of that a lengthy monologue without any interactivity – an actually exciting presentation topic and yet you don’t manage to give the speaker your full attention.

And this is exactly where we wanted to step in and show with the help of an image film how to create a captivating presentation. It was important for us to show a situation that everyone is familiar with.

The solution

A live action film shows how we visualize complex topics and, with the help of professional animation programs, present them in such a way that they are understood. 

The video begins with a complex lecture, in which the speaker himself can hardly follow what is being said and breaks a sweat. And this is exactly where “Smartspeech” comes into play. From brainstorming, to storyboarding and the finished product – the combination of “real-life” scenarios, as well as superimposed animated images, allowed us to describe the work process in detail. The whole video is kept in a casual and cheerful tone.

Captivating presentations never fade

Alright, this video is a little outdated. But when we think back to those days, we almost get a bit nostalgic. A chaotic and at the same time super fun time! A lot has changed at Cleverclip ever since, but the core message of the video is still the same today: Good presentations are characterized by appealing design and gripping content that sticks in your memory! And this is exactly how we handle our presentation design today… 


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