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A promotional video about professional and captivating presentations

A video in its own right. Let’s take a little excursion into Cleverclip’s past. The first years are always the wildest – especially for the kind of startup that we are. Highs and lows come swiftly on each other’s heels – but sometimes that’s exactly when the best things happen. We had another name – Glowpear – and could count our employees on one hand. Nevertheless, we did have one very special thing that we’d like to tell you about. That was the smart speech video which we produced.

The task: What is a smart presentation? That was the question we wanted to answer in our own unique way with our promotional video.

The solution: We made a live action film which we then combined with animated images. It was important for us to show situations familiar to everyone. Who hasn’t sat through a report for which, while the topic was interesting, the presentation was simply too complex? Here is where we came in, showing how we go about producing a good presentation. Even though this video is a few years old, it remains quite up to date. You could say that it still hits the nail right on the head. We almost get a little bit nostalgic when we think back to that time. It was a chaotic time, but it was wonderful! Much has changed at Cleverclip since then, but we still adhere to the video’s basic premise: good presentations consist of sophisticated design and exciting content that leave a lasting impression!

You’ll find more information on our film productions here.

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