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Product videos for Luminox

The new Luminox product films – from a very interesting perspective. Luminox wanted to give the launch of their new watch models a proper push on social media in a very special way. And so they turned to us for help. They originally wanted classic product videos, but we came up with a completely new concept for them, together with filmmaker Maximilian Lederer.

The Task

The new watch models were to be promoted through product videos. Conventional, but effective. These were to be used primarily on social media, emphasizing the orientation and values of the brand.

The Solution

During our meeting with the filmmaker Maximilian Lederer, we quickly hit upon the idea for something new. We used the concept of “seeing the world from the perspective of a watch” to create five quite unusual product videos. How did we do it? With a GoPro mounted to the protagonists’ wrists, to achieve exactly the perspective that would be seen from a watch face.

Since the first seconds are crucial to whether a video posted on social media will be viewed to the end, we wanted start the videos with a good portion of action that captivated the viewer. Spots filmed on a glacier, underwater, in a forest or cycling through the city provided the right stimulation for adventure and outdoor types. Nevertheless, we did a classic product shot as well. Ultimately, watches are worn not just for their functionality.

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