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Presentation Design for TEDx Zürich

How to support speech with individual designs.

In 2015, we had the honor of visually accompanying a number of lectures by TEDx Zurich. For selected spokespeople, we created presentation designs that were perfectly attuned to their speeches on "Re-imagining Everything".

The Task

Different speeches should be accompanied by individually tailored presentations: Patrik Künzler, inventor of Limbic Chairs, Andreia Fernandes, founder of SEABRAND and 2015 CEO of the Foundation Medica Mondiale Switzerland, and Jennifer Miksch, who places female leaders at the center of their research.

The Solution

In order to perfectly tailor the respective presentation to its content, we first dealt in detail with the various speeches. After that, we got together, defined the appropriate styles and worked out the exact contents of the slides. Which information should be additionally readable or visible? How do we support the speech in the best possible way? What does it take to make the presentations really convincing? We have dealt with precisely such questions and created the individual presentations based on their answers. Three designs have been created, which optimally supported the speeches of the speakers – with a suitable style and carefully selected visual content.

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