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On an interactive transformation journey with Roche

Roche Pharma Schweiz AG is undergoing a transformation towards a more agile and digital organization. This transformation is associated with many emotional moments and changes, especially for employees. A barometer and an open communication structure will therefore be used to measure the well-being of employees and present it in a way that is accessible to all of them. Our task was to create a variety of interactive content and thus lead the employees on a journey through Roche’s new organizational and leadership culture.

About Roche

Since 1896, Roche Pharma Schweiz AG has been an important part of Roche, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, with headquarters in Basel. Roche Pharma AG is an important partner in the Swiss healthcare system, covering the areas of marketing & sales, medical affairs and the registration and quality assurance of Roche’s medicines in Switzerland. Today Roche has more than 94000 employees in 100 countries worldwide.

The challenge

Change is never easy. Especially for employees, this is associated with many emotions and challenges. For this reason, it is important to find out how employees feel during the transformation process, what problems there are and where they would like to be supported. And this is exactly where we came into play: Our task was to take employees on the transformation journey with the help of interactive content. On a specially created webpage,  there should be a barometer, an interactive employee survey and some other playful elements. 

We faced several challenges at the same time: On the one hand, we needed a good idea. How do we classify the webpage areas? How do we design the questions in such a way that they don’t repeat themselves from the beginning every time employees register? How exactly should the results be forwarded to the team leaders? 

Furthermore, the product should allow a positive user experience. It is a complex interactive project, but the handling must be as simple as possible and not confusing. 

And last but not least, the tool should also be convincing in terms of design. Finally, the participants should be led on a visual journey through the world of Roche and be motivated to log in regularly and observe the innovations.

The solution

After a lot of brainstorming, feedback rounds and close cooperation with the customer, our project manager Janine managed to come to a creative and appealing result together with our UI/UX developers and designers.  

An employee survey, a special platform and an interactive questionnaire were the core elements of our project. The administrator can even create his own Journey and thus integrate his own topics that are relevant for him in a certain period of time and analyze the employee mood.

An appealing background with the characteristic Roche Tower and the Rhine River characterize the project. The individual backgrounds for each of the Journeys also change according to the season and special occasions. For example, at Christmas Santa Claus appears, at Easter the Easter bunny comes with the eggs.

All in all, we as a team succeeded in creating an appealing interactive result that not only serves its purpose, but also impresses with an attractive design, thus motivating Roche employees to participate and leading them on a visual journey. 

Going on a transformative journey with Roche Pharma employees was challenging, exciting and very instructive. Working with the customer was very enjoyable, which made the whole process easier and allowed for a great end result.

Janine Project Manager

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