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“MyNextBigStepy@GF” – An interactive journey for professional development

Using interactive elements, an internal website is designed to support Georg Fischer employees in their professional development and enable them to plan their next steps successfully.

Services: Concept, Sound Design, Webdesign, Prototyping

The challenge

At some point, there comes a stage when you as an employee desire something more. More responsibility, more challenge and something that lives up to your ambitions. Georg Fischer therefore wants to give every employee the opportunity to explore their own career preferences and make further decisions. Our task was to design these professional development opportunities with the help of an interactive website. 

The entire concept was a tremendous challenge. First, we had to think about how to reconcile the different interests of the employees. Different interests mean different target groups. There are those employees who regularly attend further training, those who are not happy with their position and those who are happy, but seek a new challenge. Regardless of individual needs, GF naturally values each and every team member – and that should also be shown on the website. At the same time, it should be entertaining for the user and wrapped in a story, visually coherent and appealing and not confusing. Simply everything in perfect harmony with each other… Alright… challenge accepted! 

The solution

Let’s imagine you enter a concert hall and discover at an orchestra of talented musicians. At least that was our idea for the implementation of the project. Based on an orchestra concept, three musicians form the characters for our visual journey. The protagonist Alex, for example, feels comfortable in his current role, but wants to improve continuously. With Sascha it looks different: She has been a member of the orchestra for several years and is looking for a new challenge.

Each user can choose an individual path, depending on which character he or she can best identify with. For a maximum user experience with a multi-sensual approach, the webpage was accompanied by charming background music. And just like that, with the help of visual storytelling and interactive elements, we were able to take GF employees on a training journey towards their future careers. True to the motto “MyNextBigStep@GF. The customer was extremely satisfied and we were happy to receive positive feedback. And that is the absolutely best result for us!

About Georg Fischer

Georg Fischer comprises the three divisions GF Piping Systems, GF Casting Solutions and GF Machining Solutions. The Corporation mainly produces piping systems and components made of plastic and metal for motor vehicles and the aerospace industry. Since 2002, GF has also been working on improving water supplies in developing countries and disaster areas through the “Clean Water” foundation. Founded in 1802, the industrial company has its headquarters in Switzerland and counts more than 15,000 employees worldwide.

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