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MyFoodRepo – Precise nutrition research with artificial intelligence

Developed by researchers, made for researchers – A revolutionary app is supposed to enable doctors and scientists to conduct precise nutritional research. We were allowed to illustrate the exact procedure in an explainer video.

Seerave, EPFL und MyFoodRepo - Was ist was?

The Seerave Foundation aims to improve and expand the standard of cancer care for patients. Their main focus is the combination of nutrition, microbiomes and our immune system. In collaboration with the EPFL (short for “École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne”), they created the myfoodrepo app. 

The EPFL is one of the best technical universities in the world with first-class research in many scientific fields. An EPFL laboratory has worked on the development of the myfoodrepo app; the video project was in turn financially supported by the Seerave Foundation.

The challenge

An app that allows users to precisely record their consumption habits using artificial intelligence and open source algorithms – sounds very straightforward and simple, right? But in fact it was a big challenge to illustrate the whole technical know-how in a short video. 

How do we make technical vocabulary accessible to laymen? How do we show that this app revolutionizes nutrition research? How can we explain technical aspects in simple steps? 

Intensive communication with the customer, a very detailed work process and flexible action were the main focus of this project work. Also the script had to be rewritten several times to reach our goal.

The solution

“The road to success is rocky and difficult” – this quote probably best illustrates this project work. We had to overcome many initial hurdles, rethink and revise – but the work was definitely worth it! The result is a very dynamic and modern animation that combines abstract and symbolic elements. Thanks to the voice-over, all the important advantages of the app are explained to the viewer in an easily understandable way and are visually reinforced.  

The Seerave Foundation was very happy with our result and shared the video with the target audience right after completion. Of course, we hope that our product can support the project to a decisive degree and wish Seerave+EPFL every success!

The Cleverclip team has delivered us a great asset: a vibrant, dynamic and simple video to explain our complex technical project to a wide range of audiences. Basil was reactive, receptive and easy to communicate with. Throughout the creative journey we regularly gave feedback on elements such as text, visuals and voice over, with Cleverclip committed to an end product we would be entirely satisfied with. We can now easily explain and promote our project online and in-person with the engaging video resulting from our collaboration

Talia Salzmann Project Manager at EPFL Digital Epidemiology Lab

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