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MSD All can. – sustainable cancer care for a better quality of life

All can Switzerland – A multi-stakeholder initiative with the aim of making cancer care sustainable. In an explainer video we had the opportunity to introduce the initiative and motivate the community to engage in it.

The All can Switzerland Initiative

All you can Switzerland is an association of committed interest groups, all of which have made it their goal to make effective improvements in the field of cancer therapy in Switzerland. The aim is to find sustainable solutions together, always keeping the focus on the patient.

The challenge

Since various stakeholders were involved, we faced the great challenge of finding a common denominator. Flexible thinking, negotiation and consideration of all individual needs were essential at this point. The focus was therefore on intensive communication between all individual representatives. After several meetings we finally managed to find the common path and successfully launched the project.

The solution

The result is a digital video that explains the goals of the initiative in detail using dynamic icons. The dominant pastel blue and orange tones are in line with the company website.

All Can Switzerland focuses on evidence-based approaches that focus on the needs of the patient and thus improve the quality of life of those affected by efficiently effective and sustainable care. True to the motto “Together all, we can! We were pleased to receive very good feedback on the final product and thank you for the pleasant and exciting cooperation.

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