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Make your cave secure too with the Nevis Authentication Cloud

The Nevis Authentication Cloud replaces increasingly vulnerable passwords and relies on biometric data. Why this makes sense and how logging in with Nevis works is explained in an explanatory video. The setting: the Stone Age.

Who is Nevis?

Nevis develops security solutions for the digital world of tomorrow. The portfolio includes password-free logins that are intuitive to use and optimally protect user data. As a specialist in authentication, Nevis brings more than twenty years of experience to the table: Until the beginning of 2020 as part of AdNovum Informatik AG, since then as an independent spin-off.

In Switzerland, Nevis is the market leader for identity and access management and secures over 80 percent of all e-banking transactions.

Ein Höhlenmensch loggt sich mittels Nevis Authentication Cloud korrekt ein und kann auf seine Höhle zugreifen.

The Challenge

The Nevis Authentication Cloud offers much more than just the identification of a person. The capture of biometric data makes the login more secure and at the same time easier for the end customer. As is very often the case in our business, we were faced with the challenge of selling a strong solution with good arguments in just 90 seconds.

The first step was about the storyline. There are many IT security solutions on the market and most have a video or illustration representing the product. So we had to find an approach to make the Nevis Authentication Cloud stand out. We were able to clearly address the timing issue already mentioned, thanks to our experience: We prioritized the USPs with the client to keep the video informative and exciting at the same time.

Höhlenmensch hält Alkohol in der Hand. Die Altersverifizierung konnte mittels Nevis Authentication Cloud durchgeführt werden.

The Solution

What setting offers more contrast for a modern IT security solution than the Stone Age? Our answer: none.

We’ve put a big focus on the connection between text and images in this video. The visual elements alone don’t have much in common with the Nevis Authentication Cloud, but in combination with the text, the real meaning of the video comes out. And honestly, a password dance would be pretty refreshing.

We focused the content on the benefits for the end user after consulting with the customer. This automatically convinces companies as well, as they immediately discover the benefits they could offer their customers.

The entire video has a humorous character and also captivates the viewers for that very reason.

Ein Höhlenmenschdieb versucht in eine Höhle einzubrechen, aber er kann das Passwort nicht erraten.

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