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Explainer video case study: furniture subscription for stylish living from Pabio

When we move, part of our furniture goes to the landfill and the other part has to be transported in an exhausting or expensive way – with a furniture subscription service this doesn’t have to be the case. Our task was to create an image video for this unconventional idea.

About Pabio

Pabio is a young company that analyzed the way we live. The conclusion: we live on the go, are environmentally conscious, appreciate good design, and want our freedom. And yet we still live the way we did 50 years ago – that’s just not working.

With home furnishings on subscription, Pabio offers environmentally conscious stylish living from a personal interior designer, no hassle when moving, complete flexibility, and full insurance for all furniture.

The challenge

When moving, we rely on a trusted furniture store and think about what furniture can be replaced right away. For our project with Pabio, our task was to challenge this habit. Is it really the best solution? And what alternatives are there? The aim of the video was to introduce a new option to the viewers: Home furnishings on subscription.

Co-founder Carlo Badini gave us the facts and the environmentally-conscious ulterior motive; based on this information, we decided on a stylish frame-to-frame animation. It would look great, but it would require a lot of work. As with all projects, we wanted to achieve the very best quality. Well,  we are proud of our employees and their skills for good reason.

The solution

Honestly, there are countless ways to convince someone. We’ve chosen the most obvious way: Show what makes your solution so special. We make viewers rethink their habits by showing them how Pabio simplifies their lives – that’ s it.

Frame to frame animations involve high costs when making modifications, because countless frames have to be adjusted. That’s why we had all the frames reviewed and approved down to the smallest detail before starting the animation. And to speed things up even more, we brought a second motion designer into the team.

We are proud of the result. On the one hand, we have surpassed ourselves with the quality for the given conditions and on the other hand, the customer has a lot of fun with his video – which is ultimately our goal.

The animation, timing and sound design are perfectly coordinated. The video is a composition and not just a sum of many parts.

Carlo Badini Co-founder Pabio

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