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Live in style: Web design for Pabio

We live on the go, are environmentally conscious, appreciate good design, and want our freedom. For our modern lifestyle, Pabio has launched a new solution: A furniture subscription for stylish living. Our task was to communicate this unconventional idea to the end-user with the help of a convincing web design.

Services: Webdesign, Prototyping, Illustration

The challenge

Pabio has launched a completely new concept. A furniture subscription is supposed to revolutionize the way we live. Our goal was to package this idea in an exciting web design. Of course, the brand message should be in focus and implemented in an appealing way.

As a creative agency, the visual aspects played an important role for us. However, a successful website is based on much more than “just” pretty pictures: A smooth interaction between the user interface and user experience is especially important – for this, all information should be presented as interactively as possible.

Of course, all the different elements should not negatively affect the usability of the site. So we had to think carefully about how to present all the ideas and information as compactly, visually appealing, and accessible as possible to create a unique user experience.

The solution

The modern, flexible lifestyle of the typical Pabio customer is naturally reflected in the user-friendliness of the service.  On the site, the customer is asked a few questions to learn more about his needs. He then uploads the floor plan of the apartment and some pictures. Within 2 days, the customer receives an elaborated 3D model with an interior design proposal. The customer then has the opportunity to add information or replace certain suggestions with alternatives.

A clear and elegant design rounds it all off. For that extra dose of storytelling, we added our secret ingredient: a frame-by-frame style explainer video. Of course, we also considered the topic of “responsive design” – all touchpoints are thus optimized for different end devices. A central element is also the subpage on the topic of the environment. After all, Pabio’s main mission is to combine furniture shopping with sustainable future solutions.

About Pabio

Our lifestyles have changed over the past decades, we live faster and enjoy the flexibility of the digital age. But when it comes to buying furniture, consumers consume as they did 50 years ago: After hours of strolling through huge retail spaces, they buy a short-lived piece of furniture that will be replaced again in a few years. Pabio now wants to counteract this wasteful behavior of our throwaway society.

Its mission: to offer a better, more sustainable, and cheaper alternative to traditional furniture retail. How? With a furniture subscription. Click here to visit directly the webpage.


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