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Live drawings at the Swiss Innovation Forum 2017

Graphic recording at the Swiss Innovation Forum 2017. Carlo, our CEO, gave a talk on the subject of Millennials at the 12th Swiss Innovation Forum in Basel. We don’t want to place a PR text here, but rather we want to give you an example of our services. A presentation is accompanied by a graphic recording, which in turn is assisted by a live illustrator, visually portraying what is being said. Such reports are often for internal information, therefore we can’t show you this for very good reasons. But we do want to share the benefits of a graphic recording with you, and so we decided to show you one of our talks.

The task: Carlo’s Breakout Session talk is to be visualized live by an illustrator.

The solution: A textbook graphic recording. You can read about what it contains, what needs to be taken into account, and how our illustrator comes through when working live, in our graphic recordings post on our blog.

Interesting, isn’t it? Michael talks about how a graphic recording is made in this blog post on live visuals.

Graphic recordings can also be used in many ways; this infographic shows you the most important uses for graphic recordings.

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