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Let’s set sail – TPL celebrates its 60th anniversary

The Interpack trade fair will be held once again! And TPL wants to combine this with a very special event: 60 years of success shall be celebrated! For this purpose we had the pleasure to create an interactive landing page, which is supposed to serve as an information and registration portal for the event. Through playful elements the user is being taken on a visual journey through the company history of TPL.

TPL - many milestones and innovations

TPL (short for Transparent Paper Ltd) is one of the leading European suppliers of a wide range of packaging solutions such as polyester (PET), nylon (OPA) and aluminium foil. The company focuses on future sustainable products.

Since its foundation in 1960 TPL has had many highlights, but also challenges. In the end, TPL has always managed to reach the safe port and provide its customers with exciting innovations. In the Interpack year 2020 TPL celebrates its 60th anniversary. And 60 years are of course to be celebrated properly: On the “Blue Rhapasody”, an extraordinary event ship, TPL wants to turn the celebration into an unforgettable event. 

The challenge

Facts and entertainment often stand in contrast to each other. And that was the biggest hurdle for this project: The landing page was supposed to combine all the information about the event, TPL’s company history and the registration for the party. On top of that, it should not be overwhelming, but rather a fun user experience. Additionally, the budget did not allow us quite as much leeway. What we needed was something simple – yet appealing enough. Informative and lively.

The solution

Since the actual celebration is also taking place on a ship, we wanted the landing page to provide a little sneak peak. Our creative team created an interactive shipping tour through the world of TPL. By scrolling, the ship moves along a predefined route from year to year, passing through various milestones. The information only appears when you move the cursor over it. This allows the user to decide for himself about which milestone he wants to learn more. The landing page is kept simple, but the individual colored icons and flags are exactly the necessary color accents to deliver an overall very attractive design. 

TPL was very satisfied with the result and thrilled that we created such a project within a short time. For us it was an exciting journey through the oceans and international ports. We appreciate the collaboration and wish everyone a successful and exciting anniversary event! 

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