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Landing page in the name of sustainability

There are countless documents on the subject of sustainability. This made it all the more important for TPL to approach the topic in its own way, setting its own focus and communicating it to its customers.

Services: Web design, illustration, development

The Challenge

The first challenge was to combine the landing page with TPL’s booth design at Fachpack 2021. This made the landing page a part of the overall concept, but it still had to independently create a platform for TPL to communicate the topic of sustainability.

For the design, we had to incorporate the sustainability theme into the corporate identity while maintaining comprehensibility for visitors. It had to be clear, but still look interesting and encourage exploration.

In addition, Fachpack 2021 gave us a clear deadline that we had to meet in any case. In concrete terms, this meant for us: working quickly and yet keeping everything coherent.

The Solution

We were able to break down the connection between the booth design and the landing page to two aspects: Minimalist and Clear. This meant we knew from the start that the landing page would be kept simple. Since the stand design was also based on the design of TPL’s homepage, we were able to adapt some elements, such as the various stylized packages as decorative objects, and incorporate them into the landing page.

We kept the overall design of the landing page simple. No unnecessary illustrations or content blocks. The visitors should get exactly what they wanted to see. Yet, to give it a visually interesting character, we skillfully used the parallax effect. This means that we worked with multiple layers that move at different speeds as you scroll, creating a depth or 3D effect. Of course, only discreetly, so as not to distract from the actual content.

In addition, we underlined and supplemented the text with several visual aids, such as infographics and individual icons for optimal content absorption by visitors.

About TPL

TPL is a third generation family business with over 60 years of experience in the flexible packaging film industry. This has led to an impeccable reputation as a trading company with a stock of over 14,000 tons of PET, BOPA, aluminum foils and shrink films. Even though the company is constantly evolving, it remains true to its clear goal of meeting customer needs in a flexible and customized way.

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