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Knowledge transfer through an interactive quiz

How an interactive infographic communicates knowledge in a playful way.

Social engineering is a hot topic – for individuals as well as for businesses. The IT department of the Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR) has set up an e-learning platform for information and training purposes, which informs employees about various topics. In cooperation with the agency Im Mai, we were also able to work on social engineering. The result is an interactive quiz that guides users through the topic. Based on the Trojan war, we have created a whole world, with sympathetic characters and an accessible design, the topic was made so tangible and playful.

The Task

Social engineering is omnipresent – but not everyone understands what it means, and certainly not how to protect themselves from it. The aim of the BSR was to make the topic understandable and sympathetic to employees on its e-learning platform.

The Solution

Together with In May we developed the idea for the interactive quiz “Rette Troja”. Armed with sword and shield or lance, the user can click through the questions – and hopefully save Troy from doom. You can learn in a playful way what social engineering is, how a social engineering attack can happen and how it can be easily recognized and protected. But why all this effort, even if we could have simply presented the most important points as a summary? We are convinced that the future of storytelling is interactive.

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