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Introvideo for TEDx Zürich

Intro video on Opening Doors for TEDx Zürich. After 2016 there was also some good news in 2017: we were commissioned to produce an intro video for TEDx Zürich which would be played during the intermissions. The theme for 2017 was “Opening Doors”.

The Task

We were given the enjoyable task of creating an intro video for TEDx Zürich on the theme of “Open Doors”, which we accepted with pleasure, naturally.

The Solution

The video needed to be made without voiceover, due to the international aspect of the events. This made the design all the more important, and so that’s what we focussed on. A further challenge: despite it being for an international audience, the video had to have a local aspect to it as well. We solved that by incorporating impressions of the city of Zürich, such as a stylized skyline and the lake.

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