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Introvideo for the exhibition on the Alpine crossing of the SBB

A video about crossing the Swiss Alps. SBB Historic, the Foundation for the Historic Heritage of SBB, has staged an exhibition on crossing the Alps. An explanatory video was to be produced as part of this project - as a starting point for the tour of the exhibition.

The Task

The focal point of the video was the Gotthard Tunnel. It was to explain how it was built, what challenges it faced, but above all, what alternative ideas had been submitted.

The Solution

The result is an explanatory video that gives a retrospective look at what could have been. The approaches to crossing the Alps ranged from innovative to classic to quite funny. The Alpine crossing was a project that generated international interest. Some crazy ideas came up. When dealing with the topic we had to smile a few times and have definitely gained quite a bit of new knowledge. In the end we are happy that the decision was made in favour of the Gotthard tunnel.

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