Pop-up eines Icons auf der Infografik der Insertionspakete von ImmoScout24

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ImmoScout24 insertion packages for all needs

ImmoScout24 offers its business customers in the B2B area various insertion packages to cover the different needs. Within this framework, we were allowed to create an interactive infographic.

Services: Development, Prototyping, Illustration

Aufgliederung von verschiedenen Ansichten der ImmoScout24 Insertionspaketen

The Challenge

As in most projects, the presentation of all information is a hurdle. Access to all content should be easy, but at the same time there should be no information overload.

One challenge concerned the different categories of services offered. The offer is divided into branding, visibility and performance, professional tools and benefits. The subdivisions must be recognizable at first glance so that potential customers can focus on the category that is most important to them.

The overview of the categories was not enough. The different insertion packages also had to be clearly laid out and intuitive to use. The packages differ in the services provided.

Especially for the presentation important for us: The target audience in this project consisted of business customers and accordingly decision makers. This demands a professional and competent appearance.

The Solution

Finding the right tone and the appropriate presentation is in our blood. The target group-oriented aspect of the text and image level was no problem thanks to the collaboration with ImmoScout24.

For the content, we decided to work with pop-ups. The icons are underlaid with titles so that an initial assessment can happen. If more information is desired, a simple click on the corresponding icon is enough. Intuitive and self-explanatory.

For the pictorial representation of the categories we have chosen the classic par excellence in the field of visualization: The pie chart. The individual services are placed on a large pie chart, which uses different colors to show the categories. Together with the legend, the infographic shows all relevant information at first glance.

For the packages we have included a simple but effective slider. Right away you can see the option and select the rank you are interested in.

Verschiedene Ansichten der Insertionspakete

About ImmoScout24

ImmoScout24 is the most visited Swiss online marketplace for residential and commercial properties. Regional market knowledge, professionalism and a personal service are a matter of course to give customers the decisive advantage.

This is confirmed by 6 million visits per month and around 68,000 advertisements.

Pop-up eines Icons auf der Infografik der Insertionspakete von ImmoScout24

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