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“Innovation at the push of a button”: Cleverclip at the SIF 2019

The Swiss Innovation Forum 2019 – a major trade fair for Swiss companies. This time we had a completely different task: no explainer video or any infographic for one of our customers. This time we had the chance to put ourselves into the spotlight – with our own Cleverclip booth. Our goal was to create an entertaining distraction for the visitors of the fair (and perhaps to advertise one or the other service ;)). But let’s start right from the beginning….

What is the Swiss Innovation Forum?

Originally created as an initiative of the Swiss Economic Forum (SEF): As the leading national organization for SMEs and entrepreneurship in Switzerland, SEF AG has been supporting more entrepreneurship and innovation for years. The Swiss Innovation Forum celebrated its premiere in 2006. Due to great demand for the topics of ” Innovation”, “Creativity” and “Design”, the Swiss Innovation Forum was launched as a platform in its own right and independent of the SEF. The Swiss Technology Award has been presented within the framework of the Swiss Innovation Forum since 2008.

Our mission

At Cleverclip, we live by many principles: “Show, don’t tell”, “to see the bigger picture” and “visuals are better than words”. And that means that we had high standards for ourselves this time too: to create something that really stands out from the crowd. Something that captures the attention of the trade fair visitors. Something that encourages participation. More than just a “goodie bag” and a simple business card. The challenge here: It had to be in line with the theme of “innovation”, of course, and at the same time represent our services. And thanks to a slot machine we were able to get there … .

The solution

Our answer was some entertaining “snack content” – no, not crunchy party appetizers, but short interactive GIFs that all represent a random innovation. Users simply click on a big red button to start the game – at Cleverclip, innovation comes at the push of a button! 

And there is a lot of potential: From the “fork 2.0”, a “ball with balls”, “animatch” to the “Octopants” – the future is literally shouting for innovation! At least we have managed to stand out from the crowd with our funny developments and prove how effective interactive content can be. Of course, our visual artists and motion designers were also in the spotlight. With their creative ideas and artistic skills, they were the ones who brought the whole idea to life.   

But what is the point of pure words? Immerse yourself in the interactive world of Cleverclip and play a round at the slot machine!

It was one of the first interactive projects I had at CC and therefore a big challenge. But I was very happy with the final result and the visitors of the congress responded very positively to it. So all in all, a big success!

Basil Project manager

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