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Information design and how to do it right – an infographic

Information design is the essence – not just for good/convincing infographics. The infographic on the Beaufort scale was an internal project which we implemented with the goal of demonstrating what good information design can do. Concise graphic elements and text fragments are intended to illustrate information and make it easier to remember – this is the goal of infographics. Information design is, in the broadest sense, the selection, organisation and presentation of information and thus exactly what you need for good infographics.

The Task

The aim – set by ourselves, for once – was to create a graphic that meets exactly these points and is suitable as a best practice example: an infographic that stays in the head.
The Beaufort scale, named after Francis Beaufort, is the most widely used system for describing wind speeds. Beaufort based his scale on one created by Alexander Dalrymple in 1795, to which he made improvements.
The infographic is an example of good information design, especially because the wind strengths are very well and very memorably displayed.

The Solution

After carrying out the research, information selection and consolidation, we developed memorable pictograms for each point on the scale. The scale moves between 0 for no wind and 12 for hurricane winds. The pictograms are so memorable because they work with elements that we all know from our everyday lives. Who doesn’t know what it’s like when leaves are blown from a tree? So the scale is particularly memorable through its use of everyday references.

We reached our goal – an infographic that is a prime example of successful information design. The time invested, the many (and often rejected) ideas, and the long research work paid off. As so often in life, it’s the seemingly simple things that take extra time to develop. In the end, however, we created an infographic that we are proud of and that we show with pleasure.

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