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Imagefilm – Organic dishes for everyone

Promotional film for Transgourmet Origine. Transgourmet supplies restaurant owners and food service providers with delicious food. With their new product line, Transgourmet Origine captivates with selected organic dishes – and these needed to be advertised in an promotional film. Who could say no to this? Not us.

The Task

In order to produce a really good image film, we first had to take a closer look at the company. Foodservice providers were, therefore, the target group – and they had to be persuaded that the higher price for organic food is always worthwhile. The storyboard for the promotional film clearly pursued the goal that the customers of the food service providers ask for organic products, order them, and are persuaded that the investment is worthwhile. So we did not have to think about the customer of Transgourmet, but about the end consumer.

The Solution

Our plan for the image film looked like this: first, we argue that the origin of food plays an important role for the customer. However, this is not the only factor; the sustainability aspect is becoming increasingly important for many people. So it’s all about comprehensive information about origin and production.

The customer is now accustomed to this information and the organic lifestyle, and therefore wants to see it in the catering industry. For this we thought up a couple as characters in an emotional story. The two are upset by the lack of transparency in a restaurant. And that’s where Transgourmet Origine comes into play. High quality products, including origin and manufacturing history. And the guarantee of sustainable production. On top of that comes the “Toolbox” service which, in addition to the background of the products, also contains further information, photos, and templates. In order to arouse the emotions of the audience, we developed the figure of Farmer Peter – a breeder of Swiss cattle.

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