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How skilled are you actually? – Cleverclip’s “Road to Perfection”

Are you a master chef? A master in listening to music? Or in playing soccer?  You can find it out – with our “Road to Perfection”. Using an exciting, interactive microsite, we take the user on a journey through his favorite activities and show how good he really is in his ” profession “. 

Our motivation

How do you get the idea to award master titles for listening to music, tying shoes or cutting onions? Quite straightforward: You have to be part of the motley and crazy bunch of Cleverclip 😉 But seriously, we also had real scientific evidence that motivated us to do this project. Malcolm Gladwell claims in his book “Outliers- The story of success” that after 10’000 hours of practice, we become masters in a certain activity. Is this true for all activities? 

Combined with the fact that interactive content is the future of marketing and that it is becoming increasingly important to switch to innovative solutions, we finally came up with the idea of creating a “Road to Perfection”.

The challenge

We started with our creative brainstorming process. What innovative and entertaining content should we create for the user? We had to define our goal, the target group, the project scope and the exact concept. Soon it became clear: It should be an interactive microsite. But that was only one stage of the project.

Above all, we wanted to address the German-speaking market between the ages of 15 and 35. An appealing design and maximum user experience were the be-all and end-all for us. The design of the result page was particularly challenging. The site should be comprehensible and not too overwhelming.

The solution

The result is a minimalist, yet playful microsite. The integrated illustrations and color accents give it just the right “Cleverclip touch”. The site is clearly laid out and leads the user through some questions regarding his favorite activity. This way the user can find out in no time how good he really is. By the way, if there is still room for improvement, we also give some expert tips. After all, no one should miss the chance to become a master in shoe binding! 

All in all, it was a project of a slightly different kind where we were able to express our strength and passion for interactive content. We had a lot of fun and of course we hope that we could prove what can be done with innovative solutions. What are you waiting for? Follow this link and play along and show your friends and family what your true talents are. Shh… Don’t forget to share on social media 😉  

"With the Road to Perfection, Cleverclip offers you an exciting way to find out how far you are from the championship title in your favorite activity - be sure to try it out!"

Basil Project manager

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