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For swissmilk recipes with Instagram stories in the right light

How To Make Cooking With Instagram Stories. Swissmilk wanted to promote their recipes on their Instagram account. What would be better suited to this than regular stories that make the user run riot in the mouth and make you want to try the recipes yourself? Said and done. At regular intervals, we create playful and tasty stories for swissmilk for their Instagram account.

The Task

swissmilk had the idea to give even more attention to their recipes on their Instagram account with matching stories. We at Cleverclip got together, developed a concept and produced a first story for them. After this test run, with which we were able to convince swissmilk, we received the order to continue to produce the Instagram stories on a regular basis. From ham topping to couscous salad in glass to frozen yoghurt with strawberry topping, we wrap the recipes in appealing images and GIFs with matching and playful text elements.

The Solution

The structure of the stories always looks the same. Each a playful title, followed by the necessary ingredients and finally a step by step guide with crisp, witty and wordplayer text elements. Visually, we opted for a mix of still images and animated GIFs. We started the stories trilingual: German, French and English. In terms of color, we have taken inspiration from their corporate colors to increase their recognition value. A particularly nice aspect: the fact that we are not dealing here with a completed project, we can constantly change the Instagram stories, adapt and improve. Currently the stories are available in French and German versions – each with individual English elements. In terms of color we are now working with a pastel tone palette to make the stories fresher and more natural. We are curious how the whole thing will evolve!

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