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For myLeister the new app explained

An animation video showing features and features of the myLeister app.

The new MyLeister App saves customers not only time but also nerves. Easy-to-use design, new features, and extra features – the new APP makes it easy and fast to turn Leister tools into interactive devices. To present the app and its features in a simple and entertaining way in a short, animated video, Leister contacted us.

The Task

The Leister team quickly provided us with first text and style ideas – which, of course, made us curious and stimulated our creativity. In the workshop we then worked out further important information. For example, the most important question – the big question: “Why do I need the myLeister app?” The explanatory video should answer that question. On the one hand the different places should be shown, on which the APP is used, on the other hand also the interface of the app should be pointed out and explained.

The Solution

After a comprehensive brainstorming we developed three different ideas. Three storylines, but also three different visualization concepts have been created.
After the Leister team decided on an idea and we made some changes and adjustments, we could start:
Storyboard, Styleframes and finally the final production. The result is a perspective-rich video, held in a clean style, which explains the myLeister APP short and understandable.

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