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Explaining pepper spray properly with a unique voice

Cheveyo: An explanatory video for pepper spray. A police officer with professional experience in dangerous situations had an idea – an online store with self-defence tools. More and more terrorist attacks and increasing violence on the streets – the dangers seem to grow with each passing day, and many people feel anxiety. Means of self-defence are in demand as never before – and pepper spray is the absolute bestseller.

The Task

The questions are always the same: How do I handle the pepper spray properly? How do I best store it? And is pepper spray even legal? To answer those questions once and for all and in one place, we at Cleverclip needed to produce a video that delivered exactly those answers. It was explicitly requested that we work with the voiceover actor who provided the German voice of Bruce Willis in films, which turned out to be a truly great decision.

The Solution

An explanatory video that answers the most important questions about pepper spray – packed into a fun story, told by “the one and only” Bruce Willis. But this “one and only” was also our big challenge. We had to tailor the storyboard and text to exactly that voice. It awakens strong associations with the listener, so we really wanted to use this potential.

In addition, we chose music for the background which matched the image, the text, and above all the voice. We had to prepare the story in the most understandable, simplest and gripping way, and in this case, we also had to make sure that we give the story a genuine helping of “Bruce”. This unusual procedure then led to an extraordinary explanatory video. Working with the voice actor has been a lot of fun – it’s not every day that we work with such calibre of talent.

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