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Explaining the benefits of XING using good storytelling

In cooperation with WIRZ Communications, we supported Xing’s advertising campaign for its Dream Employer feature. We had already successfully completed several projects with Xing when they approached us to ask for help with the explanation and announcement of this new feature. An exciting challenge, which we of course gladly accepted. And with WIRZ Communications we had a competent partner at our side with whom we could handle the project.

The feature allows users to draw the attention of their dream employers to them, and thus offers companies the opportunity to access a pool of interested talent for vacancies.

It all started with a creative pitch. Instead of a simple, written briefing, we let our ideas run wild and recorded all them all on an online whiteboard. WIRZ Communications added ideas and then they were discussed, rejected, revised, and polished, until we settled on two concepts that we wanted to pursue.

For both of these ideas, we designed a storyboard in which we presented the storyline with initial sketches. As usual with us, this project was also developed in close cooperation with the customer. After a first feedback session, we agreed with Xing on one of the two stories, which should easily explain the Dream Employer feature to the target group and encourage the use of the new function.

The style frames follow the storyboard phase. This means that the pictures, which were only initially sketched in a storyboard, are now developed in detail.

The idea was now visually brought to life with the help of style frames. The Dream Employer is a perfect match and fills applicants with new courage.

Only then, when the customer agrees with every little detail in all the pictures, is a video animated at Cleverclip. In this case, we even added a frame to the style frames at the very last minute, thus clarifying the use of the Dream Employer function even more clearly. Then, after approval, we started production. The pictures were animated, the text was added as well as music and sound effects, and voilà, we had our Dream Employer video.

The explainer video was only one part of the Xing Dream Employer campaign. To promote the new feature on all channels, elements of the video were then prepared for social media and as banners.

Two months passed from creative pitch to the short versions of our videos on Facebook and various banners on the internet. Two months for the emergence of a story which, we hope, has helped someone get a job with his or her dream company.

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