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Explaining a highly technical topic with a cartoon

How emotion can be used to market packaging material. TPL (Transparent Paper Ltd.) manufactures materials for packaging and is the leading supplier of polyester and nylon films, materials which are sold to packaging manufacturers. TPL has been expanding its range for several years, and wants to demonstrate both its proven and new types of packaging to the target group with the use of emotion. We have accepted this challenge – and mastered it – with the introduction of our two protagonists, Simon and Paul.

The Task

TPL has a target group which is difficult to reach, having been met with the same marketing measures for years. TPL wanted to stand out as an innovative company and offer it something new – a story with emotions, a “face” for TPL, a world created for the presentation and marketing of its packaging materials.

The Solution

Simon is a grumpy cat who sets out alone for the big city to finally find some different varieties of food. He’s the cornerstone of TPL’s new marketing strategy. A second character – shopkeeper and dog Paul – was added so that the cat would not feel quite so alone. Paul is the specialist who knows packaging in every detail and can explain this to Simon – and to the viewers of the video – quite well, these being a lot more complex than one would imagine at first. At the end of the video, Simon goes home happy and enlightened about the wide selection of packaging. Thanks to TPL, he knows that his food tastes great and that its packaging has the best design and strength.

The two sympathetic characters of Paul and Simon, presented in a playful and colourful style, helps to create a world which demonstrates and explains the complexity of different packaging films. The film explains the individual advantages as well as the positive aspects of the different combinations. The explainer video, which presents the foundation of TPL’s marketing strategy, is a self-contained story. Since then, Simon and Paul have again been out and about, making appearances on drinking bottles and giveaways at trade shows.

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