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Explaing Baloise employees the IT guidelines

The new Baloise IT guidelines as video. The Baloise insurance company developed new IT guidelines together with its agency, PIDAS. We produced a video for the internal communication of these guidelines in a way that is understandable to every employee.

The Task

Baloise commissioned us to develop a video which would help reinforce awareness of the company’s new IT guidelines. How does one teach a conservative company something new?

The Solution

Let’s be clear: this is anything but conservative! But let’s start at the beginning. After giving it some thought and discussion, we hit upon a solution that would work. The most important component? Storytelling. We told a story that cast all Baloise employees as heroes in an adventure that they could only work through together.

It takes teamwork to slay a monster. The result was an entertaining video that incorporates the company’s IT guidelines in an original way. And that’s not the end of the story. The company executives were so pleased with the video that they decided to dress up as heroes to promote the concept. So much for the idea of insurance companies being “conservative”!

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