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Explainer videos for Swissmedic: How does a Corona vaccine work?

Due to the Corona pandemic, intensive research is being conducted in the field of vaccine development. From mRNA-, vector- or protein vaccines, meanwhile, there are different methods with a lot of potentials. However, such a topic raises a lot of questions and uncertainties regarding the exact efficacy and the approach to the population. We were allowed to support Swissmedic and produce a total of four explanatory videos, which should explain important points about the vaccines and their effect.

About Swissmedic

Swissmedic is the Swiss regulatory and supervisory authority for medicinal products and medical devices. Its aim is to ensure that only qualitative and safe medical products are available in Switzerland and thus to protect human and animal health.

The challenge

The biggest hurdle was the complexity of the scientific subject. We had to deal with the subject matter itself very intensively in order to understand how to implement it in a way that was easy to understand for broad sections of the population.

This would be complex enough for just one vaccination procedure, however, in our case, we actually had to illustrate 3 different scientific procedures. There were many essential details that could not be missing in the explanation. At the same time, the videos should not exceed a maximum length of 2 min and should be created within a very short time.

Besides, it is of course a very sensitive topic. The Corona pandemic has largely affected our lives and also taken the lives of many people. With a vaccine, there is hope for an improvement in sight. However, there is still a lot of uncertainty among the population.  The explanatory videos are intended to explain the processes in detail and, if necessary, to take away the fear of vaccination. Oh, and last but not least, the whole thing should also be appealing from a creative point of view.

A complex and technical topic, explained in an easy-to-understand way and all that under enormous time pressure and creatively implemented? Welcome to Cleverclip 😉

The solution

We were able to deliver an initial basic script in a timely manner, and then supplement it with additional know-how from Swissmedic experts. We always adapted all information to the overall concept. In total, the project consists of four videos: The first video explains the general functioning of a vaccine. The other three videos focus on the specific process of mRNA, vector, and protein vaccination. As animation style, we decided to use the classic scribble video. This is because the minimalist design allows us to simplify complex topics, but still delivers the necessary portion of “storytelling”.

To ensure that we could deliver the products within the desired deadline, we gathered all available resources internally. So a very close collaboration with the client as well as within our team was essential here to understand exactly what was going on and to integrate all the necessary details into the videos. But it was worth it! We received very good feedback from the customer. In addition, the videos have already been published on other channels, including, for example, the site of the BAG (Federal Office of Public Health).

Overall, it was a very interesting experience for us and an exciting collaboration in an important subject area. We hope and look forward to more valuable projects in this area.

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