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Explainer video for workplace health management

Visana’s corporate health management videos. Visana is one of the leading insurance companies in Switzerland. We created several videos for the company on a range of topics related to corporate health management. First we created a main video, then followed up with several smaller ones. Visana helps companies in establishing health management, and we helped Visana to answer questions that frequently come up.

The Task

A tutorial on the subject of corporate health management for Visana’s B2B business. This is what our task looked like. The tutorial was created for use in customer presentations and seminars. The questions that are asked during these events are almost always the same, and so Visana wanted to provide answers – and what could be better than a video produced precisely for this purpose?

The Solution

The fact that both the range of topics and the regularly recurring questions were clear from the outset allowed us to fully concentrate on the video’s creation. We came up with convincing “scribble” videos that not only present Visana as a first-class insurance company, but also clearly and comprehensibly communicate corporate health management.

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