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Explainer video – Microleasing in development cooperation

An explanatory video for Swisscontact. International development cooperation in developing countries – the usual topic for Cleverclip’s and Swisscontact’s collaboration in explanatory videos. Yes, it has happened quite a bit in the past – this project was about micro-leasing. But wait. Swisscontact set itself the task of offering sustainable help, in the sense of helping people to help themselves, through on-site projects. Their goal is to create sensitivity for problems and their sustainable solutions. The role of Cleverclip was to produce the explainer video, bringing the public closer to projects and initiatives.

The Task

The idea was to use an explanatory video to illustrate what micro-leasing is, and why and how this concept can work economically. In addition, it should show how to conduct micro-leasing, how it works, and what role Swisscontact plays here. The explanatory video is intended to inform the public and thus make the concept better known. It is currently used, among other things, on the Swisscontact website.

This project clearly shows how important storytelling is. A financial issue such as micro-leasing is complicated per se, but it should be made accessible to as many people as possible. That was the challenge we faced as producers.

The Solution

To better illustrate the complexities, we first developed our protagonist, Silvia. Silvia is a farmer who wants to improve her economic situation, but has problems getting a regular loan. She wants to buy cattle, but needs capital. This problem is the starting point from which we illustrate how micro-leasing works in practice. What steps are necessary and what are the advantages of the concept for Silvia? We explained micro-leasing from Swisscontact in a personal story that makes the abstract concept tangible and imaginable.

The story begins with the introduction of Silvia – to create an identification and emotions in the audience from the start. Silvia’s situation is explained: she is unable to get a loan. This problem is solved by micro-leasing from Swisscontact. At this point, the concept is finally explained in detail. Small farmers have the opportunity to acquire means of production or livestock, without going into debt.

Alongside the means of production, Swisscontact’s micro-leasing also includes insurance for livestock and for Silvia, as well as training on the optimal use of funds, in her case: livestock farming. It is thus possible for Silvia to generate income and sustainably improve her economic situation, with no pressure to repay a huge amount of money. The leased livestock generate income for her and can therefore be gradually paid off. The leased equipment remains the property of the financial institution until it is paid off, so no additional security is required. In addition to the emotional story and figure of Silvia, this complex theme is displayed with simple icons and made tangible to the viewer.

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