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An explainer video for more than just a phone book – explaining their services with a video. Just about everyone in Switzerland knows, the country’s telephone directory. But what hardly anyone knows is that they are much more than that, and offer even more services! And they want to communicate that too. An explanatory video was therefore about showing Switzerland what else has to offer.

The Task offers numerous services, far beyond the telephone book. However, awareness of these additional services is low. A primary video should introduce the different features that offers in addition to the phone book. In several smaller videos, these features were then explained individually and in detail.

The Solution

The challenge was to find out which style suits The style development had to be detailed, clear and smooth, especially since all features should be displayed separately in additional videos. At the end of the creative process, we came up with the two characters we could use to spin the story. We were able to easily reuse these characters for the individual videos and skilfully stage the features.

Storytelling was the be-all and end-all, and enabled us to take the feelings that emerged from the video for the characters, and transfer them to In addition, we also produced the videos as tutorials. With we had the chance to take one main video and produce many smaller videos from it – a very special pleasure for us, of course. The videos were used as general means of communication and were used heavily on Youtube as advertising material.

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