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Explainer film for Swisscom M2M

We produced a tutorial video for Swisscom which introduces and explain its new product, M2M fleet telematics. It is a thematic solution that collects and makes available to companies numerous data on vehicle fleets, and their utilisation and use, presented in a tutorial video.

The Task

M2M is a B2B product of Swisscom. The tutorial should assist the seller in talks with customers, and is designed for use on iPads. A tutorial was to be produced which introduces the new product and explains how it works.

The Solution

In order to actually increase sales, the first step after the definition of the persona was to analyse which arguments could promote sales. The main argument was efficiency, and the associated savings. After we had worked on the product’s advantages, we could get started on the storyboard for the tutorial. The storyline starts with arguments that directly influence fleet management in a positive way: in particular, tracking location and real-time oversight of loading and driver conduct. This makes planning more efficient and at the same time, one can respond flexibly to changes in status or accidents.

Afterwards, we explain the M2M solution’s indirect advantages. First, we argue that drivers can optimize their own driving behaviour to make their driving more environmentally friendly. Then we come to the direct advantages of efficient utilization and better requirement planning. You can see that a classic sales conversation has been remodelled here. Since the tutorial is to be used in sales discussions, we decided on a clean and modern design with a “data-driven” look.

The video was so successful that Swisscom used it not only in direct sales pitches, but posted it on the M2M homepage as well.

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