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POLYPOINT – news services and a trade fair

With two new services, POLYPOINT offers those involved in healthcare the possibility of a direct and uncomplicated appointment booking for doctors and patients. In addition, thanks to the new pool management, personnel managers can efficiently and flexibly replace assignments in the event of staff absences. We had the pleasure to present the two services in more detail with the help of two explainer videos.

Poly- what? A company presentation

Polypoint has been developing software solutions for patient, personnel and resource management for over 30 years. The company’s goal is to optimize planning, documentation and time recording, thus increasing efficiency and saving valuable resources. 

Digitization and flexibility are two important keywords for Polypoint. External appointment booking and personnel planning should be designed as simple, fast and flexible as possible everywhere. Polypoint has also succeeded with its new services.

The Task

At first glance, software solutions for patients and resource management sound to the layperson like a not particularly exciting and at the same time complex topic. Before we could get into the creative work, we had to answer a few questions.

What exactly do the new Polypoint services offer? Who benefits from them? How can they be used? And how do we explain those complex processes in a way everyone can understand? Of course, we accepted this challenge with pleasure… and mastered it successfully.

The Solution

And voilà: Two digital videos have been created, each of which explains one of the services on the basis of a practical scenario. The various features and advantages can thus be easily illustrated and highlighted.. The sympathetic characters, a pleasant narrative voice and a coherent storyline create an emotional bond  with the audience.

Using the principle of Storytelling we therefore managed to illustrate software solutions in an exciting and captivating way. To introduce the two services, both videos were presented in combination with other marketing initiatives even at the trade fair for the health market, IFAS 2018. We highly appreciate the collaboration and look forward to future projects. 

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