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Explained new services for POLYPOINT and supported a trade fair appearance

How everyday life in the healthcare sector is made more flexible with new services.

With two new services, POLYPOINT gives those involved in the healthcare sector the possibility of a direct and uncomplicated appointment booking for their referrers and patients / clients. Thanks to the new pool management, personnel managers can also efficiently replace assignments in the event of staff shortages and make staffing work more flexible. We presented the two services in more detail with two digital videos.

The Task

Digitization and flexibility were two important keywords for POLYPOINT and the new services. The external appointment booking as well as the personnel deployment planning should work as easily, quickly and flexibly as possible. They have done just that with their new services.

But first of all, it was about explaining what exactly lies behind these services, who benefits from them, and how they are used. Of course, we gladly accepted this task.

The Solution

The result is two digital videos, each of which details one of the services and explains it on the basis of the specific application cases. The various features and benefits can be highlighted. At the same time, the sympathetic characters achieve the necessary proximity to the public. To introduce the two services, the videos as well as additional marketing measures were presented at the trade fair for the healthcare market, IFAS 2018.

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