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Dump the Trump – Card Game, Explanation Video, Website and Kickstarter Campaign

How Trump became president – explained by a video and many more interactive elements.

At the end of January 2017 Twitter, Facebook and Co. were dominated by one topic. Trump. Shortly after the inauguration Day we also wanted to jump on the train and had the idea to develop a card game. What was going on in the White House? How did Mr. Donald Trump actually win that election? We wanted to take the whole thing with a pinch of humor – the news itself were bad enough.

At Cleverclip, we’re all very interested in politics, which is the first reason why we produced Dump The Trump. The second reason – hand on heart – was a little bit of PR on our own behalf. The idea came up relatively quickly: a card game called “Dump The Trump”.

The Task

Dump the Trump – what exactly is that? Dump The Trump is a card game. And a party game. But not a normal party game. 

It is the party game par excellence! Because those who play it will have to forget their beliefs and values (such as healthy relationships with people who are close to you). It doesn’t matter if you are Donald Trump, trying to eliminate the US Congress, or a senator who kills an innocent colleague. Who really knows their friends, family and work colleagues? 

The Solution

Thinking like a “President” – From Concept to Solution. How did Trump become president? Understanding that was a big challenge. 

At first, we tried to explain this with a video, but quickly realized that such a strange event could not simply be understood with a video. You have to put yourself in a position. So we had to unite our creative minds and make the strange more understandable. At least a little. With a lot of humor. A lot of humor.

The End Product

And so it came into being. Within 7 weeks we had designed the cards, produced an explanation video and successfully completed numerous test rounds. The campaign was ready to start and immediately went online on Kickstarter. On the specially created website, you can find the video as well as the detailed rules of the game.

“Dump the Trump”, a card game based on the mafia principle: Lying to friends and family. In order to understand these concrete political events, we have to think like Trump.

The Results

No “Buzz”, but nevertheless successful

On the one hand, the Swiss media and a number of international portals accepted the idea well and provided adequate coverage in the press. However, the campaign was not viral, as we had hoped. In summary, we achieved an important goal, namely to explain the game in a comprehensible way, to produce visually according to our quality standards and to be accepted with our idea in the press.

All in all, the project was worthwhile for us, because we were able to learn a lot from our first own campaign – and the test rounds, which we conducted together as a team, provided a lot of fun.

Caricatures are really not my strength, but after many adjustments, changes and additions, I am really satisfied with the final look of the characters. The characters stand out from other Trump cartoons that can be found online. Finally, I also like the colour palette very much - except for the printed copies, I'm not completely convinced.

Carlos Visual Artist

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