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Dual Master’s Degree in Political Science – a video for the University of Lucerne (and Carleton University in Ottawa)

The University of Lucerne offers a dual Master’s program in Political Science in collaboration with Carleton University in Ottawa. Numerous course options at two different universities in two countries and a degree with two diplomas. It’s an opportunity that definitely needed to be more widely known – and that’s exactly what the video aimed to do.

Students who are interested in a master’s degree should be made aware of the possibility of dual education. The video should briefly and succinctly explain how the whole thing looks and works and what experiences await the people.

The challenge

The students are always enrolled at the University of Lucerne – but the studying happens half in Canada and half in Switzerland. So now we were supposed to explain in a video exactly how it all works. The only visual basis we had was a header on the website. We based the video on that, created the style accordingly, and added something special to the video: 3D elements.

The university immediately showed the finished video to its partner university in Ottawa and they were – let’s put it this way: thrilled. So the second challenge came immediately: they wanted the same thing – but with as little effort as possible.

The solution

Fortunately, the first video was already produced exclusively in English – so the language version problem was off the table. With small changes in the text, the voice-over specifically for the Ottawa students was quickly in the can. We shortened the individual visual parts that only pertain to the University of Lucerne so that the video also works perfectly for the university on the other side of the world. Without too much (budget) effort, we managed to make it so that both universities can individually benefit from this special video.

The result is two versions – one short, one long – with subtle 3D elements that make the whole thing something really special.

About the dual master's program

The dual master’s program in political science is offered jointly by the University of Lucerne and Carleton University in Ottawa. This connection is particularly exciting because the political structures of the countries are similar. Also, both are organized federally and have dominant neighboring countries. Canada, however, is embedded in Anglo-Saxon culture. This makes the program a perfect stepping stone for a career in academia or in an international environment.

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