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Dectris – Swiss x-ray technology at its best

Complex X-ray detectors easily explained 

X-ray detection – a scientific and complex subject. As a pioneer among hybrid pixel X-ray detectors, Dectris wanted to show the target group the advantages of this innovative Swiss technology, as well as set itself apart from other suppliers with its USP. The result was an explanatory video that captivates with its appealing design and creates a visual X-ray experience. 


Dectris- Swiss technology at its highest level 

The internationally operating Swiss start-up Dectris focuses on the development and production of high-quality and powerful hybrid photon number X-ray detectors for scientific and individual applications. Dectris is the world’s first supplier of innovative hybrid pixel X-ray detectors and stands out for its high quality, reliability and long service life. Dectris was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Baden, Germany.

The challenge - what led them to Cleverclip

The world of HPC technology is highly complex and the audience is very diverse. There are absolute experts in this field, but there are also laypersons who make everyday use of this technology, but cannot identify themselves precisely with the technological processes. The aim of this project was to inform the latter and to demonstrate the advantages of Dectris HPC technology. And so we were faced with a big task with many questions, because to illustrate such complex processes in a clear visual format, as well as to explain understandably was not so easy. 

Instead of just providing pure facts, the explanation video should impress with appealing staging on an emotional level and reflect the corporate design.

Prototyp Storyboard

The solution

The result is an explanatory video that can be shown: The reduced and noble style is in harmony with the Dectris corporate design and the actual product. The animation reflects the exact processes so that the X-ray spectroscopy and the dynamic processes are easy for the viewer to understand. The voiceover is supported by faded-in hash tags, making technical vocabulary easily accessible.  

Styleframes Dectris - Wie wir ein Erklärvideo erstellen

The result

Teamwork was the focus of this project, because we not only needed a lot of input from the customer, but also had to work together intensively internally to decipher such a complex topic. All ideas had to be brought together, brainstormed and looked beyond the end of the nose. Flexible thinking, fast action and correction. At this point, it was extremely important for us to understand our customers’ needs precisely.

All in all, we created a  explainer video, which describes the exact advantages of the product, implements them in an easily understandable way and impresses with its appealing design.

In the end, we were able to impress the customer and receive positive feedback. We appreciate this exciting collaboration and look forward to future projects.

Styleframes Dectris - Wie wir ein Erklärvideo erstellen
The essence of this project was to dive into the scientific world of Dectris, understand its complex relationships (e.g. how does a photon behave?) and translate it into a simplified and appealing visual language. I think the deep research phase and the close cooperation with the client were the most important elements of the whole process.

Jakup Skorupa Motion Designer

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