Openadvice und Kunde besprechen Cloud-Lösungen

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Data and servers on cloud nine with OpenAdvice

The server and data jungle can be confusing and tricky. That’s why we were asked to produce an explanatory video for OpenAdvice on cloud solutions for businesses.

The Challenge

By now, most private individuals have stored their data in the cloud. For companies, it’s a different story. So our main task was to allay the fears of potential customers and present them with the benefits of cloud solutions.

For many companies, the data and server area is a sensitive topic. Access permissions and security breaches are among the big fears that can have a significant impact. A major change, such as the use of cloud solutions, is accordingly faced with questionable risks.

A challenge on the visual level comes from the fact that there are many vendors and correspondingly many videos on cloud solutions. It is therefore important to remain informative and yet stand out.

Kunde läuft durch Daten und Serverdschungel

The Solution

The fear of cloud solutions does not refer to the cloud at all, but in general to the fear of data loss and security breaches, which are usually accompanied by significant damage. To address this issue, we focused on presenting in the video the benefits of the cloud combined with a fear. Scalability? Not a problem in the cloud. Protection from hackers? Cloud solutions are equipped with the most advanced encryptions.

Our goal was to directly address any uncertainty regarding cloud solutions and show how they simply evaporate with OpenAdvice.

To make the video stand out, we decided on an exciting storyline. A man explores the gloomy and non-functioning server jungle. Fortunately, we don’t leave him there, but send the OpenAdvice fairy to bring him to the cloud. The visual elements encourage people to keep watching and support the voiceover in conveying the content.

Kunde bekommt von Watson Tipps zu seinem IBM Server

About OpenAdvice

OpenAdvice was founded in 2000 and today serves customers throughout Germany and other European countries from its location in Heusenstamm near Frankfurt. Consulting and services for the successful establishment of customer-specific cloud solutions with a focus on monitoring and business service assurance form the core business of OpenAdvice.

Kunde und sein IBM Server werden von Openadvice beraten
We have already produced two videos with Cleverclip. The collaboration was always very professional and extremely pleasant on a personal level. The results have convinced us every time, budget and schedule were met. We will gladly work with Cleverclip again in the future.

Markus Fürst General Manager OpenAdvice

Openadvice hilft Kunde mit Server

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