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Customer Experience – a Digital Video for Isolutions

Overcoming distance and understanding your customers – Isolutions knows how.

The perfect interaction between sales and marketing in a company is not always easy. This is exactly where Isolutions helps: With a CRM solution that helps the company better understand its customers. However, the video we produce should not focus on the cooperation between sales and marketing or the CRM solution.


Isolation, solution, or illusion… who is isolation? 

The Swiss company Isolutions delivers digital solutions that are tailored to the exact needs of a company: From the introduction of a CRM solution to a real customer orientation; through the integration of marketing, sales and customer service processes, they create a 360° view for their customers.

The Goal and the Result

“The goal was to stimulate the need for good customer experience on an emotional and abstract level.”

Now it was up to our creative minds to create a video that captivates the audience with its message.  As emotional as possible, yet abstract. As creative as possible, yet simple. As informative as possible, yet short. Create animated graphics that convince, according to the motto: “A picture says more than a thousand words”.

Abstraction wins

The result is an abstract video that shows that less is often more and above all that the spice lies in the brevity. Consisting of individual dots and without color accents, the video begins by explaining the situation.

Companies know their customers, but they don’t really understand them. The video changes become more dynamic and colors are added. Because with Isolutions every customer becomes individually visible and his needs are understood!

With a video, we explained how the Isolutions partners can finally work the way they really want to: with their customers in focus!

The video was so convincing that the follow-up order was not long in coming. And the result of the Employee Experience is also more than impressive, we think!

"An abstract video for a not quite simple topic, without the voice-over, with as little text as possible. Not an easy task - but both the process and the result were challenging, inspiring and incredibly creative".

Ari Copywriter

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